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Types of Settings in a Story

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Setting is one of the most important elements in a story. It can be defined as that which gives a physical location of the story which includes place and time. When creating or writing a story you have to include the setting so that one knows where the story is taking place. You therefore have to look at some important types of settings. Though there are many, you cannot do away with the basic ones and these includes geographical setting, time setting, integral setting, Backdrop setting and many more. With a good setting then you will be able to tell or write your story very clearly and well. The following are some of the types of settings of a story.

Geographical setting is the first type. Just as the name suggests, this is a type of setting that will define the exact location of the story. This is to mean that the place where the story is taking place at that particular moment. It has to give a description of the place and include geographical factors to give a mental picture of how the place looks like. This will include the landscape design, things that can be found in that place, the relief and many more other geographical things that exit there.

Time setting is the second type of setting that one needs to include. This is the time when the story actual took place. It gives one a clear picture of how the situation really was in terms of the activities that were done and even the kind of dressing. Time can also talk about the literal time when a certain event took place that is in the evening, morning, noon or even late at night. A good example is that a story can be set back in the medieval time, or in the fifth century, the colonial era and so on. This will help you understand how everything should look like in your story.

Backdrop setting refers to the setting that is used to convey the general story which is of a universal timeless tale. This is very important when it comes to stage lays. They use backdrops to give you a particular scene setting. A backdrop is just a piece of material with drawings and paintings on stage where actors are to depict where they are and what is within their vicinity. This will help with telling where the actual action is talking place to the audience. If you want to know more, please click here.

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